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Fleece Sale

The Annual HHFF Fleece Sale Fundraiser is available all weekend.
See below for more details:

Fleece Sale Fundraiser

Each year the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival hosts a fundraiser that also helps out those who are unable to be a vendor at the festival but have fleeces that they would like to sell.  You drop off your fleece and we do the work for you! 

Sale Hours: Friday 10 A.M. ‐ 4 P.M. & Saturday 10 A.M. ‐ 3 P.M.


  • Check‐in for sale‐only fleece: Friday 10 A.M. ‐ 2 P.M.

  • Each fleece must be in its own clear plastic bag.

  • Fleece must be skirted.

  • "Dirty" fleece, or those with excessive vegetable matter will not be accepted.

  • The price of the whole fleece is set by the exhibitor at check‐in.

  • HHFF, Inc. will retain a 10% commission from each fleece sold.

  • Unsold fleece must be picked up by 4 P.M. on Saturday.

  • Any uncollected fleece will become the property of HHFF, Inc.

  • For more information email:

  • Payment to shepherds for sold fleece will be in the form of a check from HHFF.

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