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Artist In Residence

The exploration of art is essential in the development of each individual.  It is also critical in our contribution to the growth of society.  We who pursue this expression through artisan skills and the fiber arts seek to have our work enrich the daily lives of all who are part of the adventure. 

From the first washcloth by a weaver to the hundredth drop spindle a woodworker has turned, from the first draft of a spinner to the billionth stitch of a knitter, we experience our art through touch.  Not only when we make it but by those we share it with. When we each create, we all benefit. 

Through our Artist In Residence program, we seek to help the budding artist explore a new skill or honor an artist whose mastery of a craft is to be revered. 

2024 Artist In Residence

Our 2024 Artist in Residence is Julie Benac.  She will be giving a lecture both Friday and Saturday at the festival, and a display of her art will be available for viewing throughout the weekend in our Lecture Hall at the festival.

Julie Benac has been in the world of fiber arts since 2006, and has been in the cut & sew industry for over 30 years. She holds a degree in Fashion Design from Ray College of Design in Chicago (now a part of the Art Institute), and is a familiar face in sewing classrooms, as well as inner-city Detroit where she taught homeless mothers how to sew on industrial equipment.

Now she is bringing her fiber arts skills into the light, teaching sewing techniques for fiber artists, carding and fiber prep, hand-dyeing techniques, as well as artisan yarn spinning at various fiber festivals around the midwest. Julie enjoys trying different ways to marry fiber arts with sewing to discover new directions in clothing accent and design. She lives on Lake Erie in southeast Michigan with her husband Patrick and three children...and a lot of weaving looms!


Creations by Julie:

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