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If you are interested in finding out if your skills are suited to our festival, please contact us:

In 2023 we had an amazing array of entertainment, education, and creative groups helping to make our festival amazing.

The planning for the 2024 Scheduled of Entertainment is currently underway, please stop back later this year to learn more.

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"Establishing a Dye Garden"

With Gina Levesque 

Free Lecture 3:00 P.M. on Friday, June 2nd.  

Approximately 1 hour 

Interested in starting your own natural dye garden? Want to learn how to use the raw plant materials and preserve them for future use?

In this lecture Gina will cover how to start your garden with seeds, cuttings, and plants, how to locate sources for these materials, growing patterns of each plant, when to harvest for the best dye baths, and how to preserve materials for future use.  Perfect for those interested in dyeing, or those interested in growing plants for dyers to use! Gina will have printed information about dye gardens available to purchase for $5.

Sheep to Shawl Demonstration

Sheep to Shawl Demo:  Conner Prairie Youth

Saturday 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

The young fiber artists of the Conner Prairie Youth group will show us how a fleece can be transformed into a beautiful shawl, all right before your eyes!

Demonstration held in the Special Exhibit Hall where the Competitions and Fleece Sale is held (a.k.a. the Shooting Sports Club building).

Indianapolis Chapter of Embroiderers Guild of America 

Guild members will be at our festival on Friday & Saturday performing demonstrations and will have samples of their work.  If you're interested in joining their group, this is a great time to learn more!

The Lama Reserve Q&A

Friday & Saturday throughout the day
The Lama Reserve is a group dedicated to the preservation of all camelids in North America. They are a network of camelid aficionados spanning from coast to coast across the United States. They work to rehabilitate neglected and injured llamas and alpacas alongside the permanent residents at their farm.


If you would like more information on their group or animals, please email:

The Lama Reserve group has animals that are available for adoption. 

Shearing Demonstrations

Yvonne Coffelt-Jones

Friday & Saturday throughout the day

Stop by and watch an expert shear fiber animals to harvest their fleeces for  all of us to turn into amazing fiber art creations. 

Come Join Us Clowns 

A jovial troupe of clowns will be wandering the festival on Friday, bringing mirth and joy to all.

There will also face painting and balloon figures by them!

Friday, 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Fleece Judging 

Saturday 12 P.M.

Jamie Stark will return to judge the Fleece Competition.  Jamie is co-owner of Wooly Knob Fiber Mill and will have a booth at this year's festival.  With a great depth of knowledge, Jamie will review fleece submissions and discuss with the audience pros and cons of the fleeces, and give tips to buyers for what to look for in a fleece.  Many competition fleeces will be available to purchase.  

Musical Entertainment

Thomas Tramp will be playing acoustic guitar and singing original songs throughout the day on Saturday in the gazebo at the fairgrounds.

Musical Entertainment

Alan Pancake is a gospel piano player, born and raised in Southern Indiana.  Alan started at the piano when he was 4 years old and has never lost his passion for it.  Come and experience his unique approach as he mixes elements of jazz and blues into many of the old standards, and some current, contemporary music. 

Alan will be playing music at the festival throughout the day on Friday, near the Competition Building

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