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We are always working to improve our festival so that we can better engage with the local fiber art community. 


As a result of feedback we have received over the last few years, and our desire to better serve our patrons, we have decided to pause the fiber arts competitions for 2024.  This will allow us to redirect our efforts to plan for more opportunities for engagement. 


This will also give us space in one of our buildings to invite local groups and guilds to have a presence at the fiber festival.  We would like to aid these groups in making connections with the festival attendees so that we can help foster a rich and diverse fiber arts community.  

If you are part of a fiber arts related guild or group that would like to attend the festival and share your group's mission with our patrons, please contact us at:

We are currently evaluating the Fleece Competition's roll at the festival, but we will still have the Fleece Sale. 

We will continue to update this page as information comes available. 

Additionally, we are working to bring to the festival a fiber artist-in-residence program that will allow us to showcase individually artists that we feel are an outstanding representation of the creativity we value in the fiber arts. 

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