Due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic,

the 2020 Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival has been cancelled.


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Take part in all the fun the festival has to offer!

Fleece, Skein, & Fiber Art  Competitions

Competitions are held in the Special Exhibit Hall

Competition entries will be accepted 

Thursday 4‐7 P.M.

Friday 10‐4 P.M.

Saturday 9‐11 A.M.


Adult: (18 years and older)

  • Fleece Wool (sheep)

  • Fleece Exotic (alpaca, llama, goat, angora)​

  • Fiber Arts ‐ 2 Divisions: Advanced & Beginner* with 7 Categories in each division:

  1. Wet Felted Item

  2. Needle Felted Item

  3. Fulled Knitted/Crocheted Item

  4. Knitted Item

  5. Crocheted Item

  6. Woven Item

  7. Other (Rug Hooking or Wall Hangings)

  • Skein ‐ 2 Divisions: Advanced & Beginner* with 7 Skein Categories in each division:

  1. Fine‐Single 

  2. Fine‐Plied

  3. Medium‐Single

  4. Medium‐Plied

  5. Bulky‐Single

  6. Bulky‐Plied

  7. Novelty

*Beginner = Less than 1 year experience


Youth: (under 18 years of age)

  1. Fiber Arts ‐ All Fiber Arts judged in one category

  2. Skein ‐ All Skeins judged in one category


Ribbons and Premiums:

Each category and in each division:  1st place ‐ $5.00   2nd place ‐ $3.00

Grand Champion: $20.00
5 Grand Champions will be awarded, one for each of the following:

  1. Fleece Wool

  2. Fleece Exotic

  3. Adult Fiber Arts: Beginner & Advanced combined

  4. Adult Skein: Beginner & Advanced combined

  5. Youth Fiber Art & Skein: Selected from pooling together all youth entries from both categories


General Rules and Requirements:

  • Competition entries will be accepted in the Special Exhibits Hall on Thursday 4‐7 P.M., Friday 10‐4 P.M., and Saturday 9‐11 A.M.

  • Entry fee is $3.00 per item, skein, or fleece. We accept cash or check. Please make checks payable to: Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, Inc.

  • Judging for the Fleece Competition will start Saturday at 11 A.M. in the Special Exhibits Hall and viewing of the Fleece Competition is encouraged.

  • Judging of the Skein, & Fiber Arts Competitions will be completed by 2 P.M. on Saturday, at which time winning entries will be announced.

  • Pick Up: Entrants in all competitions must pick up their items on Saturday from 2 P.M. ‐ 4 P.M. Any items not picked up will become the property​ of HHFF, Inc.

  • Every effort will be made to safeguard each entry; however, HHFF, Inc., assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen entries.​

Individual competition rules and requirements as follows

Skein Competition

  • All yarns must have been spun within the past year.

  • Skeins must weigh at least 2 oz. and be tied with 3 figure‐8 ties.

  • Fiber content must be included on entry tag.

  • Skeins must not display labels, tags, or any identifying markers.

Fiber Arts Competition

  • Fiber arts items must have been completed within the past year.

  • Fiber content must be included on entry tag.

  • Techniques used must be listed on entry tag.

  • Items must not display labels, tags, or any identifying markers.

Fleece Competition

  • All fleece must be from the 2019/2020 shearing season with no more than 14 months growth.

  • The animal must be owned by the exhibitor.

  • All fleece must be skirted and free of chaff, burrs, and second cuts.

  • Fleece must be presented in clear plastic bags.

  • Fleece entered into the contest can also be sold through the HHFF Fleece Sale.​​​

Fleece Sale

Sale Hours: Friday 10 A.M. ‐ 4 P.M. & Saturday 10 A.M. ‐ 4 P.M.
Do you have fleece available for sale but aren’t able to have a booth at our festival?

Drop them off and we’ll do the work for you!

  • Check‐in for sale‐only fleece: Thursday 3 P.M. ‐ 7 P.M. & Friday 10 A.M. ‐ 2 P.M.

  • Each fleece must be in its own clear plastic bag.

  • Fleece must be skirted.

  • Fleece with excessive vegetable matter will not be accepted.

  • The price of the whole fleece is set by the exhibitor at check‐in.

  • HHFF, Inc. will retain a 10% commission from each fleece sold to help cover premiums and ribbons.

  • Unsold fleece must be picked up by 4 P.M. on Saturday.

  • Any uncollected fleece will become the property of HHFF, Inc.

  • For more information email:

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Held in Franklin, Indiana, at the Johnson County Fairgrounds

2021 Dates:

Friday, June 4th & Saturday, June 5th