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Spinning the Herd: Starting Your Spinning Journey

Updated: Mar 12

Saturday 1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Spinning the Herd: Starting Your Spinning Journey

Workshop Fee Per Student:

Early Bird $85 / Full Price $95

Total length of time: 3 hours

Instructor's Name: Liza Q. Wirtz

Instructor's Business: The Foldout Cat

Instructor's Website:

Description:  Are you a new spinner—or do you want to be? Maybe you’re intrigued by this spinning thing—beautiful fluffy fiber! turning into yarn! how cool is that?—but don’t have a spinning wheel in your life. Maybe you have a project in mind but can’t seem to find just the right yarn to fit. Maybe you’ve seen other people spin and think it looks like fun, but find the whole business of choosing one wheel from all those options confusing. Or maybe you’ve tried out a drop spindle and feel like you’re ready to give a wheel a shot, but have no idea which wheel is for you. If any of these descriptions sound like you, try this experiential workshop! You’ll get some exposure to the basics of spinning, including fundamental terminology and concepts, as you practice the core spinning skills of drafting and treadling on multiple different spinning wheels. By the end of the workshop, new spinners should have a sense of whether spinning on a wheel is for them and know a bit more about how various wheels work and how they compare with one another. Who knows–you might even discover a wheel that’s just right for you!

Items Included: Shared use of a portion of instructor’s herd of spinning wheels, including models by Ashford, Lendrum, Majacraft, Schacht, SpinOlution, and more; access to wool and wool-blend roving from various breeds (Bluefaced Leicester, Cheviot, Corriedale, Falkland, Merino) for use in experimenting with provided wheels.

Student Provides: No participant-provided materials required: instructor will provide all tools and materials. Students just need to bring their curiosity and willingness to learn--and their patience with the process and with themselves.


Prerequisites: No previous experience required; workshop is specifically and joyfully designed for new spinners. Workshop is process-oriented, rather than product-oriented.

Minimum Age of Participants: 14  Students must be able to treadle with both feet, to maintain a firm hold on wool roving, and to focus for the duration of the workshop.

Additional info: Although this workshop focuses on analog spinning wheels, instructor will bring a sample of her e-spinner herd. 

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