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Make a Peony Flower!

Join in the fun and help us create a community collaboration to celebrate the fiber arts.

Work up a peony flower and help us decorate the 2024 Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival archway! Knit, crochet, felt, or use whatever your crafty skills you have to create a fiber-art-flower and bring it to the festival with you.

We will set up an "archway" for everyone to enter at the festival. When you arrive you can attach your own peony flowers and take a photo to celebrate your contribution to the festival.

The peony is Indiana's state wild flower. It blooms in late May/early June (just when our festival happens), and comes in shades of red, pink, and white.

Here are some links for crochet and knitted versions. These are just suggestions that are quick to work up. You're also welcome to find or make your own pattern!



See pattern in photos in this post. The pattern was created for us by one of our volunteers.

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