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Pin Loom Weaving

Updated: Mar 12

Friday 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Pin Loom Weaving

Workshop Fee Per Student:

Early Bird $35 / Full Price $45

Total length of time: 3 hours

Instructor's Name: Kelly Jones

Instructor's Business: Kiss Looms

Instructor's Website:

Description:  Explore weaving on the Kiss Looms square, triangle, and hexagon weaving looms. Many sizes are available to try out during the workshop. You will learn how to weave on each type of loom and seaming techniques to make them into larger projects, such as pillows, scarves, blankets, bowls and shawls. Yarn and looms will be available during the workshop. Looms will be available for purchase after the workshop.

Items Included:  Use of looms during workshop.

Student Provides: Worsted weight yarn, scissors, yarn needle.

Prerequisites: None.

Minimum Age of Participants: 14

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