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Get Hooked! Intro to Crochet

Updated: Mar 14

Friday 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Get Hooked! Intro to Crochet

Workshop Fee Per Student:

Early Bird $15 / Full Price $15

Total length of time: 3 hours

Instructor's Name: Jaymi Horne

Instructor's Business: Cranky Kangaroo


Description: Join us for an introductory workshop that focuses on the basics of crochet.  Learn the basic stitches you will need to begin your journey into the wonderful world of crocheting. 

Items Included: Learn this popular, fun, and portable craft! Learn the basics of crochet while making a practical washcloth. You'll learn all about tension, common stitches, and reading a pattern, and leave with the confidence to complete crochet projects on your own!

Student Provides: Eagerness to learn.

Prerequisites: No experience necessary. 

Minimum Age of Participants: 12

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