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Leading Men Fiber Arts by Steve Fegert & Andy Eymer

How many sweaters worth of yarn do you need? How about one in each of Leading Men's colorways!

Purchase yarn directly from them at:

"With their hand-dyed colorways inspired by the theater, pop culture, and nature, partners Steve and Andy truly are the Leading Men in the world of COLOR. Established in August 2013, their dye studio is located in Central Illinois, from which they travel the country attending shows and festivals. Their products can also be found in stores across the world. They specialize in semi-solid, variegated, speckled, and gradient yarn dyeing techniques. When auditioning projects for a starring role, make sure to cast the Leading Men!!!"

Follow along on:



Steve's podcast Dramatic Knits:

A lot of hand dyed yarns you can find in your Local Yarn Shops are frequently produced by the micro businesses of just one or two people. Festivals are always a great way to meet these dyers and see more than a shop can offer. But, since our festival is not part of the equation this year, you can still learn about these yarn dyers and help to support them. Test out a skein, see what happens, and thank you for helping them make it through this year!

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