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English Blue Ribbon Farm owned by Jarrett and Connie DuBois

English Blue Ribbon Farm, is a country farm that is home to their flock of Romeldale CVM sheep. This rare and beautiful breed is loved for their soft, multi-colored fleece... it is a dream to hand spin, weave, and knit.

English Blue Ribbon Farm is a proud member of the National CVM Conservancy, the American Sheep Industry Association, the Livestock Conservancy, and the Iowa Sheep Industry Association. What's more... their flock is registered with the National Romeldale CVM Registry NRCR, tracing every sheep back to the founding Spencer/Eidman flocks! These are some amazing sheep that they raise with even more amazing fiber! EBR is also active in the Shave 'Em to Save 'Em rare bread conservation initiative:

If you would like to purchase from them, please contact them to find out what is available:

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